» » Now’s the time of year to layer, and I need a vest.

Now’s the time of year to layer, and I need a vest.

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The 60's New Yorker
The 60’s New Yorker

Let’s talk about layering for a moment. The layering season is pretty short here in AZ. It’s that time of the year where we’re in-between winter and spring. You have to start dressed like it’s winter, and dress down to spring time clothes in the afternoon. My layers consist of a T-shirt, long sleeve, flannel, jacket, gloves and vest.

Let’s start with the jacket; my jacket is a 60’s New Yorker leather. I love this jacket because it has a removable inner liner. It also has two vents in the front and one in the back. It provides me with warmth in the early morning temperatures and evenings here in Arizona.

Next vest. Currently, I am on the hunt for a new vest. My old vest has lived its life, and the neck is destroyed (see photos). Of course, I am going to shop for a First Manufacturing Co. vest off our website (www.wellsmotorcycledistributers.com). I am looking for a traditional club style with gun pockets, and I am tossed between the No Rival leather and the Fairfax denim vests, both collarless. This way, I can take my coat off and just wear my vest over my flannel or long sleeve in the afternoons. Comment on which one you like better.

Now is the perfect time for me to use my little Gator glove liners as gloves. They are thin enough to wear when it gets warmer in the day. But also, warm enough in those brisk evenings.

My flannel of choice right now is by Family Affair Apparel. They have great designs and hold up well. They are also a local, small business that makes it easy for me to support. Typically, my long sleeve doesn’t matter that much as long as the cuffs are tight. You can usually spot me in our WMD High Class White Trash tee. Use coupon code HCWT after reading this blog and get $5 off your order. I hope this helps you find ideas for layering.

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