Wells Motorcycle Distributers, LLC is always looking for deals on your good to excellent condition brand name motorcycle clothing, accessories, and gear, like collections, leathers, shirts, punk rock and rebel clothing and accessories that you’re no longer wearing, collected but need the cash, is too big or small, or could not exchange or return it.

Our consignment model is genius.

Bring your motorcycle clothing, accessories, or gear, like rally pins, unattached patches, leather vest, Harley-Davidson named apparel, etc. to one of our events where we are out in the community. We’d love to meet you, take a look at your stuff and strike a deal where we take a small commission to help you with the tedious task of selling online. We make it easy, and back it up with the power of digital marketing. For some, digital marketing is a term rarely used in biker conversation, but at Wells Motorcycle Distributers, LLC, it is the crux of our value proposition. Before we explain, let us tell you what we look for:

We take…

  • Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories
  • Men’s and women’s leather clothing and accessories
  • Clean items in good to excellent condition
  • Home decor items in new and unused condition, like sheets, blankets, paintings, pictures, etc.
  • Current trends, brand name items, everyday riding essentials, and original or vintage one-of-a-kind pieces

We don’t take…

  • Children’s clothing and accessories
  • Swimwear, maternity, intimates, sleepwear
  • Counterfeits, furry leathers, bridal wear
  • Discount department store crap from Walmart, Kmart, Kohl’s, Sears or JCPenney; and

Recycling your gently used in good to excellent condition and new items is a great way to be sustainable. It also is a great way to earn cash faster through the power of digital marketing then you could on your own selling locally through free channels such as Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, NextDoor, and others.

We require…

  • Valid government-issued ID like a Driver’s License or a Passport
  • You must be an adult over 18
How you get paid and how we get paid.

No need to wait 30 days or more for your items to sell! Look at Wells Motorcycle Distributers, LLC, we are your friend and partner in business together to sell your items. We use the power of digital marketing to sell our items online and we can guarantee your partnering with the right company.

For a small 25% commission fee, we can offer the following in return on your investment:
  1. A powerful clean, easy to navigate and professional looking website.
  2. A secure e-commerce website with the power to handle major credit cards and accurately handles sales tax.
  3. A memorable website name with a brand reputation of having excellent customer service with a collaboration core value and treating customers like family.
  4. Professional photos that accentuate the value of the item.
  5. Search Engine Optimization which ensures item is findable through keyword search.
  6. Feature customer testimonials on multiple pages on our website
  7. We allow for visitor feedback on item from comments and ratings.
  8. Easy check-out process for online customers.
  9. Cross-promoted through social media and networking marketing channels.
  10. Sold alongside some of coolest items on the market that are unique, brand name, highly ranked, wild in nature, vibrant in colors, from the most memorable events and sold with items that come with stories that range in ratings.